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Through Hole Technology

With the electronic market’s constant innovation of Surface Mount Devices (SMD), Plated Through Hole (PTH) is slowly diminishing, but it is still used on a wide range of applications and products.
Stantek are capable of meeting the demands of the PTH manufacturing processes to the same volume as SMT with the use of Blakell semi automatic workstations and Universal Radial inserter 5
Our skilled team of operators are able to build and solder to IPC602 Rev D standard with ease to produce products to our customers’ specifications.
To aid the PTH process consistently and efficiently, the use of Blundell CMS400 wave soldering machine gives the ability to produce high quality solder joints at a constant rate further reducing the manufacturing process time.
The use of an AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) machine allows us to offer assurance that incorrect fitted devices are noticed before further processes are applied to the product.
Stantek has extensive experience in conventional build such as

  • Single or multi layer

  • PCB’S

  • Hand or automatic solder

  • Set up and programming

  • Conformal Coating and Encapsulation

  • Custom test rigs

  • Final product assembly

Full ESD precautions have been taken within the department to ensure benching, matting and chairs are all ESD safe.

We are a RoHS compliant facility.